Tourist Attractions That You Must Visit in the Asian Region

Asia is an area with a favorite destination for backpackers. Besides the beautiful scenery, the costs incurred are not so great, especially for those of you who are in the southeast asia regional. Is a mandatory place for those of you who must visit before visiting the areas below, before visiting mainland Europe. Here are the places you must visit.


Who is not familiar with this one place? Bali. Bali is located in Indonesia, but many foreign tourists know Bali as an island outside Indonesia. the beauty of this island is very famous and still a favorite destination for various kinds of tourists. Its natural beauty combined with local culture is its own attraction. There are beaches, temples, waterfalls, mountains, art, and much more. Culinary in Bali is so unique and really good to taste.


One of the countries with the fastest growing technology and animation in regional Asia, the country is Japan. Japan’s capital is Tokyo. This city is very preserving traditional culture. You can still see ancient temples that have been preserved for centuries around modern skyscrapers. This can be a special attraction for foreign tourists. Apart from having four seasons which are also the main attraction, especially during the cherry blossom season in Tokyo where you can see the cherry blossoms blooming. Countries that value this history can be proven by the many world-class museums and historical sites that you can meet. In addition, you will also find a variety of Instagramable photo spots. His typical food is no less interesting.


Shanghai, which is the largest city in China with the busiest ports in the world such as Singapore and Rotterdam, has many interesting tourist attractions to visit. In regional Asia, you can easily visit here. Walking in the city of Shanghai by enjoying the view of the city is an amazing experience that you can try. Don’t worry about transportation. For city transportation, you can rely on Shanghai metro which is fairly cheap and fast. However, you must be good at managing finances here. The cost of living here is quite expensive. Prices for hotels, food, clothing and more vary depending on the district. If you are in a tourist area, such as Nanjing Road or downtown, you may face prices above the average.


The country in Asian regional, which only has an area of ​​around 714 square kilometers, can balance green space and skyscrapers. You don’t need to worry about traveling in this country, because the best way to get around Singapore is to use the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) subway system. A good transportation system, makes it very easy for tourists to vacation here because it does not require renting a car. What’s interesting here besides the tourist attractions is its cultural diversity, it’s not uncommon for you to find Chinese temples, Hindu temples, churches and mosques in one neighborhood.

These are some tourist attractions in the Asian regional. For those of you in Southeast Asia, you can schedule directly to visit one of the countries mentioned above.